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My practice is open for global online readings.



I've had the privilege of working with and guiding countless individuals across all the continents globally for the past 25+ years. I work online worldwide via WhatsApp, Skype Teams, Zoom, FaceTime, video chat or audio call.
I can assist you with issues relating to all aspects of your life. Love and Relationships, Career, Business decisions, Finances, Family issues, Health, Wellness, Dream Interpretation, Spirituality.

I'm also a Spiritual Medium, and I will bring comfort, knowledge, healing, and guidance from your ancestral loved ones who have crossed over and wish to communicate with you.
I will help you to understand how to become motivated, empowered, and how to experience genuinely the strength in being seen in your marriage, your relationships, or your career for example. I'll also explore and share some practical tools to assist you in making positive changes in every area of your life, as well as clearing out old emotional patterns that no longer serve you, and shifting your personal spiritual growth to a higher vibration.
Readings are conducted in English.
All correspondence is strictly confidential.
18+ only
Germany: +49 (0)176 3074 9176
Netherlands: +31(0)61 267 8347
South Africa: +27(0)84 771 5356
Email: ayleenspirit@gmail.com 


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Megan - South Africa. 12 September 2020 



Sersha - South Africa 1 December 2020

I met Ayleen through a family member and a friend suggestion. I was going through the worst time of my life. Having my marriage fallen apart. I went to her with the intentions of her saying to me that; "He will realise soon and you will get back together with him". Unfortunately, the advice I got was not what I wanted to hear but rather the advice that I NEEDED TO HEAR. There are ups and downs in this world and sometimes we lose our way but we can always find it with a little help along the way. Ayleen was and still is that help for me. She taught me there is so much more out there for me but more importantly if you trust yourself and the universe, everything will align and you will be so much more than fine. At that moment of distress you cannot fathom that things will be okay or better, but slowly just talking and actually implementing the advice from Ayleen, everything in life has changed. My intuition is back and I feel great. Not everything needs to be known in your life. However, the only factor to be known is that you are going to be okay and you are enough. Now that is peace. This is what I have found through Ayleen. I hope you find it too. xoxo


A - United Arab Emirates. 13 July 2020

Dear readers, I have been using Ayleen for about two years, and recently I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I thought that I needed answers about my ex-boyfriend, but actually, I needed to work on myself. Her reading included personal insight which I believe a fresh perspective can help you find answers, and like Oprah said, 'You can't have every experience, but you can learn from the experience of others'. Ayleen used her expertise to guide helping me find the root of my situation, and I believe once you know the why of any problem, then the how is irrelevant. Saying this, I understood why I was feeling the way I was, and it helped me introspect and move forward. Love and Light.



Robert - South Africa. 10 June 2020

"When things are read, and they happen, then you know that your readings are real". Since I met Ayleen, a person with a bubbly personality and a lovely aura, combined with a great intuitiveness, things happened in my life. The readings are real; they come to life and have meaning. Ayleen puts it all into perspective, which has a far-reaching excitement on a wonderful journey.


Naseem - South Africa. 12 May 2020

I have had readings with Ayleen for many years now. She is one of the few people I can honestly say has my best interests at heart, and I can go to her for many of my life's deepest challenges or questions. She never fails to quickly make time for me or fit me into her busy schedule. Ayleen has a true gift, and her insight into things never fails to impress me. 

She has predicted many events and moments in my life, such as my jobs, my husband and my pregnancy, to name a few. She is always spot on! She has consistently helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life, and I am so utterly grateful for her guidance. I feel like she is a second mother to me and someone who will always be in my life.


The voice of intuition is a soft one, it does not rest until it has gained a hearing...