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What an amazing and life-changing experience I had when I first met Ayleen. She is one of the most incredible women I have ever met, and she is the kind of woman who climbs deep into your heart and stays there forever. She truly changed my life. When I went to Ayleen for a reading, it was the first time that I did something like this, and it truly was incredible. All the things she mentioned, said, advised upon and suggested came true and became a reality. I have met the true love of my life, my best friend and soul mate, without knowing this before I met Ayleen. I wouldn't change a thing. What I loved most and what truly stood out for me about Ayleen is that she advised through everything that I must still pray for things to happen. It cannot be done without myself committing to this. I can truly say Ayleen is the most honourable and truthful person that I know, and I truly recommend her. Clarisse (Jhb, South Africa)


Dear Ayleen, you have been such tremendous support on my journey of these past few years. You have been a really good friend to me. I think of you as one of my angels. You always give me the right guidance and peace. What I most appreciate is that you just get it and you get me. It is not always so much about the future of which you have such excellent insight of, but helping me to affirm of what I know and understand deep down. Thank you so so much. You have a beautiful gift and thank you for sharing it. Rochelle (Cape Town South Africa)


Ayleen, thank you so much for the support and accurate readings. You are the "go-to girl", and you have always been consistent, and your level of compassion is truly appreciated. You have always hit my current situations on the nail, and your guidance has railed me back to my path. It's like you know exactly what I'm going through, and it really shows in your email readings that you have given a lot of time and thought to my current situation and look at all areas which I truly love about our readings. Keep up the good work and stay as true and authentic as you are :) Yours truly, Ntombi (South Africa)


Very enjoyable experience, very accurate description, would very much like to see you again. Marion (England)


Awesome! This lady is a shining star.  So completely accurate - confirms my gut instincts whilst providing reassurance. Thank you, Ayleen. Keri (England)


Ayleen really has helped me get through some very difficult times by using her spiritual powers and nurturing nature to really guide me in the right direction. As a young physician in training, I really did not know how to reach out to someone when I felt I had some very challenging decisions to make, but Ms Ayleen really given me the guidance and very much impacted my life in a very positive and life-changing manner. She has given me her guidance in many areas of my life inclusive of family, friends and relationships and my career. I highly recommend her as a spiritual advisor. Narissa (New York)


Just as I was about to give up on Spirituality, I just happened to find Ayleen. I have come across many light-workers on my journey and have to say wholeheartedly that Ayleen is the only one that I have been overawed with. She will take the time to really understand and sincerely help on such a compassionate level, and I didn't feel afraid to really talk to her about what I wanted to say, which to me made me feel vulnerable. But Ayleen has a gentle way that is instantly felt, and she has not only helped me with her guidance but also how to heal myself and trust myself again. She helped me to believe in the light again and believe that there are good, kind people out there. If you are looking for a genuine, gifted person to offer you guidance, I would absolutely consider having a reading from this lovely lady. Tricia (England)


Dear Ayleen, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing your special gift into our lives, from the very first reading we knew we had met someone very special. Your accuracy and insight was incredible and still, to this day, continue to surprise us. As our praise for you has spread through the family members, you became our very own go-to person for clarity and guidance. With much appreciation and warmest of wishes, Mark & Zoe. x (New Zealand)


My reading with Ayleen was amazing; she immediately made me feel comfortable and went straight into what she got from me before I had even mentioned what I wanted to talk about. Needless to say, she hit the nail on the head and touched on everything I wanted to speak on. Her insight was impeccable, I never had to prompt her at any point, and she even picked up situations and people that had been weighing on my mind recently. I left the reading feeling reassured and excited for what's to come. What I loved more than anything, though was the caring advice given that would help me achieve all I've set out to do. I look forward to updating her on my situation and getting insight into future ventures. Brilliant reading. Brilliant woman x Buki (South Africa)


Ayleen - lovely reading, you have a natural gift. Fantastic words of wisdom. Amazing!! Wishing you every success for the future. Warmest wishes Jacqui (England)


Dear Ayleen, Thank-you so much for helping me on such short notice, correct on so many levels. You make a person feel so welcome without judgement. Charmaine (England)


Ayleen, having personally had a life away from most people's ideas of normality, you have proved very accurate. Some parts of my life cannot be second-guessed, but you have certainly hit the nail on the head. Thank you, I feel really reassured now. Celeste (England)


Ayleen, thank you so much. It has been fascinating and interesting being with you. You have given me a lot of hope for the future. Thanks again! Christina (England)


Dear Ayleen, thank you for making the effort to see my sister and me at such short notice. A previous reading I had with you was successful. Best wishes and I hope to see you again. Fotini (England)


Ayleen, a very eye-opening experience. I feel very moved to have sat down and be given such a special reading. Thank you for your truth and spirituality. Lucy (England)


Ayleen, I feel I can breathe easily now. Thank you so much; the reading was wonderful. Emma (England)


A fantastic personal reading with no-nonsense and honest insights. Thank you. Stacey (England)


A 'first time' and a first-rate experience for me. Calming and insightful with honest guidance that really digs deep into your soul. Thank you. Kaye (England)


Ayleen, if I didn't believe in Divine Intervention, I DO NOW!!! Before I met you, I had never had a psychic reading before. But I came to the reading with an open mind. All of the information was absolutely spot-on and what I appreciate most was that you didn't hold back; you said what had to be said and didn't try to butter me up. I found the reading most informative and helpful. Thank you for your insights and guidance; you will never know how much this means to me. As above, so below, as within, so without. Love and regards, Amanda (England)


Thank you for my reading. It is nice to meet a genuine person for a change. Harrinder (England)


Almost as if you knew some of my family - and knew what's happened in our life. Sarah (England)


Thank you, you answered my questions. You got them right. Lisa (England)


All I can say is WOW!  My reading with you tonight was truly wonderful. Thank you so much, Ayleen - you are a wonderful lady. I hope our paths cross again one day. x (England)


I've had a reading before, but I do put barriers up, and my family have got a lot of issues going on, but you have picked up on all of these and pointed out futures for each. Also, my own personal strife of which my life has been for my family, and now in the next few years, my own life will bloom for me. Thanks from Jan (England)


Thank you, Ayleen for the reading. It helped me loads and put some things from the past to rest! Thank you. Love Christine (England)


Ayleen, it was amazing to meet you. You were so accurate about me and my personal situation. I will definitely take on board your advice. The future looks bright. You're a genuine, warm person, and I will definitely look forward to meeting you again. Sincere thanks, Tracy (England)


Thank you so much for the reading, this gave me clarity and reassurance, especially as I'll be moving jobs and house. Thanks again. See you soon. Denise (England)


Ayleen, thank you so much for your brilliant reading. I came in feeling lost and now feel you have shined a light down a better and more promising path. Your advice is wonderful, and everything you said about me was spot on. I promise I will follow the advice you've given me. I will see you again very soon. Vickie (England)


Ayleen, thank you very much for the reading. You have brought clarity to what I need to do. I look forward to my future, Ruth (England)


Ayleen, thank you so much for our party booking the other night, it was truly a great night. I recommended you to my friends, and none of them was disappointed and would recommend you to their friends now. A fantastic night and spot-on accurate on the reading! Thank you! Allan (England)


Thank you very much, Ayleen. Thoroughly enjoyed predictions and advice. Fondest regards, Ted - 75-year old geezer (England)


Ayleen, thanks again - will take on board the health issues and your advice. As far as I'm concerned, you are "the real deal". A lovely warm person with a very special gift. Thank you, will definitely see you again in future. Caroline x (England)


Thank you for settling my doubts and worries. Fantastic! I was a bit sceptical, but you astounded me. Emma x (England)


Thank you for coming around, the reading was very good, reassuring and correct. See you in a year. Jane (England)


Gobsmacked again, Ayleen knew so much about me and my life. Thank you x (England)


Ayleen, thank you for a very positive reading. Lots to think about! With love Laura (England) 


Thank you for your wonderful energy! Robbie (England)


Amazingly accurate. Ayleen described my children's personalities absolutely spot on. Am gobsmacked, WOW! (England)


Dear Ayleen, thank you so much for your time and patience. You understand exactly how I am feeling and what is happening in my life. It feels a relief that what I am experiencing is real. I look forward to sorting out what is happening and finding happiness again. All the best. Linda (England)


Thank you so very much, no questions needed! Touched on so many things close to my heart! Zoe (England)


Accurate reading - reflecting on how I feel and where I am at the moment in my life. Thank you x (England)


Thank you very much. Really was helpful and helped me to clarify things. Hope to see you soon. Laura (England)


Only four words - 'Thank you very much' Enlightening and helpful. Ted (England)


Ayleen, thank you for settling my doubts and worries. Fantastic! Was a bit sceptical but you astounded me. Emma (England)


Ayleen, it has been a very enlightening evening. I'm really glad you came. Very interesting and eye-opening and surprising at the same time. A very strange but mesmerising experience. Thank you. Craig (England)


Thank you so much. I somehow knew what I should be doing with my life - and thanks for the nudge. Warmest wishes. Lesley (England)


Very useful, especially in concern to long term plans and any future work plans. James (England)


Thank you Ayleen, you've given me the boot up the bum I needed to get my life back on track! Life's for the getting, and I need to do what makes me happy. Claire (England)


Really helpful, relevant and interesting - thanks so much. Paul (England)


This is the first time I've seen a Medium, and I was amazed by what you said to me. I will take on board everything you said to me, especially about my illnesses. I would like to thank you for hopefully helping me through a lot of issues, and will definitely be seeing you again. Thank you. Jenny (England)


A truly beautiful insight into one's soul. With love & light. Carmen (England) 


This was such an amazing experience, you have opened my eyes, and I thank you for that. I will see you again, and I will hopefully have a new career and man :) Thank you so much, and I'm glad my brother will be OK. Much love and all the best. Laura (England)


To hear is to believe. Many thanks. Tim (England)


Thank you so much for a very accurate reading, and for your warmth, sincerity and humility. Andy (England)


Tonight I found I met someone that knew me and understood what goes on behind my brown eyes. Your guidance has made me answer my deepest questions. I cannot thank you enough for understanding why my life is in a box. Jane (England)


Dear Ayleen, you are a living angel. You've given me strength and inner peace. God bless you, Love Theresa (England)


Like a gentle wind at my back, encouraging, gentle, affirming and challenging me to continue as my own vision of what I am and am doing is good. And the new piece, my strong soul-mate is searching just for me, as I her. David (Cancun Mexico)


Dear Ayleen, your reading made my journey here worthwhile. It really helped me to see where I need to go with my work, and verified what I need to let go of. A great help and very caring. Thank you. Sean (England) 


Thank you so much; it really has given me a good incentive to go forward. Thank you again. Amanda (England)


Ayleen's reading was one of the most accurate I have had to date, and in my opinion, there is little doubt that this lady has a great gift. Keep up the good work. Ross (England)


Dear Ayleen, your reading sounded very balanced to me, as in not full of roses but mixed pieces of life for me to look at, reflect and act upon. Feel a complete sense of calm and ready for what is to come. Thank you. Angela (England)


Thank you so much, Ayleen. You're very easy going and comfortable and gentle. I feel inspired. I hope I can make the changes in my life that I need to make life worth living and not existing. Good luck with your future. Love Miroulla (England)


My reading was in May '07, and since then, many things that you told me would happen - have happened. I have been prepared, though. Also, things that didn't seem clear at the time of the reading have been cleared up. Many thanks for the insight into my own life Ayleen. Vicky (England)


Thank you so much for such a fantastic reading. It's opened a few doors and opened my mind! Really felt comfortable with you. Thanks again. Lin (England)


I was very impressed by the quietly accurate insight that Ayleen came up with. Her insight into a wide spectrum of questions has left me very, very impressed. Anyone who is seeking answers to previously unanswered questions about this or that - Ayleen would give one an accurate insight. Gordon (England)


The truth hurts, yes! But I enjoy honesty and honest people. My life is simple, and yet I keep hearing the same thing. You have been so true and to the point. I need to wake up and smell the coffee. Thank you so much, it's been refreshing to hear of my dad. I also would like to give you our first wedding invite. Hope to see you soon and thank you again. Beverley (England)


Ayleen, I had my first psychic reading 10 years ago with another reader and have since had many readings. However, I have to admit yours was the best reading I have ever had. Your insights were uncannily accurate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love to you. Maggie (England)


Everything you said to me has come true. Rosemary (England)


Ayleen has an amazing gift, always delivers a kind caring and accurate reading which has kept me positive and focused during times where I doubted the path I was on. Everything is coming to fruition just as predicted by Ayleen. Thank you so much, you are a true earth angel xxx. Ayleen is always quick to respond to messages to book readings and being able to communicate using Skype from the other side of the world is a definite advantage, I can't recommend Ayleen highly enough. Leonie xx (Scotland)


My reading with Ayleen was amazing. She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. I did enjoy the Skype reading as being able to see and speak to Ayleen directly is so much better than a voice on the end of a telephone. In the 3 weeks since I had my reading, I have just secured a job in a different industry to where I normally work, plus it's paying considerably more than I expected - exactly as predicted. On the advice of Ayleen, I have pushed forward with my business, and it's come along nicely -again as predicted. I would recommend Ayleen as she is the best I have ever spoken to and tells you as it is and not what she thinks you want to hear. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince and the same is true of psychics and clairvoyants, but I am so pleased I don't have to look any further. I look forward to speaking to Ayleen again soon. Thank you. Mandy (England)


Thanks for the guidance. I really appreciate the reading. I know what I want now and have followed your advice. Now I have a burning sensation in my stomach, which I know as my intuition telling me to push forward. My love has also opened up again. I called my ex to apologise, and she said all was forgiven. I learned she is in a difficult space now, and I actually really care how she feels. I really do love her, and I know things will work out for us. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and freeing me from the spiral I was stuck in. Regards Emil (South Africa)


I wanted to thank Ayleen for all the support she has given me over these past months. She does not only tell you straight forward what to expect and how the situation will unfold, but she can also perceive your feelings and emotions. She is also very professional as she tells you often what you would not want to hear, but she does it in a compassionate way and always has a word of comfort and advice. Francesca (England)


Ayleen, thank you so much for doing a couple reading for my wife and I. As usual, you were spot on but still never fail to amaze us. After us both having separate readings in the past, we thought a couples reading was a better choice. Thank you for giving us that option. We shall catch up in the future and will always recommend you to anyone in search of an insightful, personable and gifted reader. Many Thanks. Ryan & Jacqueline (New Zealand)


Dear Ayleen, you reminded me of things I had long forgotten. Confirmed things I had never mentioned. Encouraged and gave me new hope for the future without having to climb Mount Everest. Thank you. Regards Darleen (England)


I was listened to with kindness and was told things with compassion. When I have spoken with Ayleen, I feel strengthened to face my future and somehow reassured that things work out as they should, when they should. Ayleen, what a time to have found your guidance! I feel fortunate to have had you with me during this transition in my life that is taking me to places I truly never thought I'd go. It's been unsettling and sometimes confusing, and you offered me comfort and wisdom. I now forget I had the same (wonderful) reader for a whole decade, but I knew I needed somebody different who fitted this next stage of my life, whose approach worked for the new me and there you were the perfect fit. Thank you so much for your gentle, accurate wisdom and for understanding how to tell me what you need to tell me in a way that works for me as an individual. Much love! Bernii (England)


Secrets are not meant to be kept. Life is precious; live every day as if it were your last. Thank you for releasing me. Mags (England)


Thank you Ayleen, my memories will stay with me. SPOT ON! Love Nancy (England)


I would like to thank you for both my readings you gave to me. It brought me some peace in my heart to know my baby son Alex was living a happy life in the spirit world and has our love around him. Many thanks, Ayleen. Natasha (England)


Ayleen, thank you for my reading. I found it a great comfort. Lesley (England)


Ayleen, as a virgin.....to all this!!!!! Thank you for my reading. I was worried about seeing you at first, but I am glad I did now. I will be in touch in the near future to have an update on how my life is going. Thanks again. Jessica (England)


Thank you for my reading, especially that John is happy in the after-world and that he wants me to relay this to my husband. I will think about what you have said with regard to my future. Hope to see you soon again. Doreen (England)


Many thanks for my reading. I'll take care of my health in future. Edna (England)


"SPOT ON"! Very warm and friendly reading. Thanks. Tom (England)


I will second this! A great lady, very talented. Thanks, Ayleen. Su (England)


What a wonderful reading so enlightened me. Was gob-smacked by Ayleen's words. Booking in future for further advice without a doubt. Jennifer (England)


Spot on reading!! Thank you very much! Peter (England)


She told the truth and saw many things. Very good and honest lady. Hope to see her again. Jenny (England)


Absolutely amazing reading. Thank you so much. I feel so clear about my future now. Michelle (England)


My reading was very in-depth, and I could relate to everything. I feel that this reading has given me a very positive outlook now, and I feel very inspired by my reading today. Liz (England)


Thank you so much for my first reading. I feel like you knew me so well!! We'll hopefully meet again and good luck for the future. Thanks again. Michelle (England)


Ayleen, I feel like I've met you for a reason. Thank you and best wishes. Andrea (England)


Dear Ayleen, you removed a lot of my anxiety - praying your timing is true. I'll come back for more advice. Thank you. Paulene (Cancun, Mexico)


After being here, my faith has been restored. You hit the nail on the head on many levels. Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction. Nita (England)


Ayleen is a highly accurate, gentle but honest and to the point. One thing she told me I scoffed at immediately, but it turned out to be an incredibly accurate prediction anyway. Ayleen remains my intuitive and psychic of choice. John (England)


An inspiring and extremely dedicated Spiritual reader who works tirelessly to help all people who come into her path. If the world had more Ayleen's then surely we would see a more peaceful and harmonious world. The information and advice she offers are profound and insightful - It can change your life. Joshua (England and Holland)


Ayleen's sensitive and direct reading was incredibly accurate in pinpointing health issues that I had been ignoring, which reminded me of areas I needed to address in my life. Her connection with family shed light on unanswered family problems that were causing me the concern which assisted me in moving on and letting go. Very thorough and in-depth - thank you for helping me move on. Liz (Sao Paulo and England)


Ayleen, you have given me inner peace and new strength. I feel stronger within. Thank you for that. Sue (England)


Thank you Ayleen for the openhearted and informative reading. It was an insight into honesty and much appreciated. Keep up the good work, and I'll definitely see you in the near future. Thank you. Caroline (England)


Ayleen, thank you for peace of mind you have given me. The hurdles in the future will be easier to overcome. God bless you Jacqui (England)


Thank you so much; my mother Carmel had a reading a few weeks ago, and both were so accurate. Feel so much better knowing I am on the right path. Will definitely use your advice to improve my life. Sarah (England)


Dear Ayleen.  Having experienced two readings from you, both of which were very accurate, comforting and enlightening. I took the opportunity to arrange a group party booking for some close friends, nervous about what their reactions would be. I'm elated and truly buzzing from their tears (of joy!) amazing revealing, and how enriched they feel from the experience. I would happily recommend Ayleen's services to anyone. You have a real gift, and I know our paths will cross again. Best wishes and good health Jade (England)


Dear Ayleen, thank you for the advice and clarity on my current and future life! I will take it all on board and hope it guides me to better and greater health and happiness. Hopefully, see you soon to see if you're right. Lizi (England)


Thanks, Ayleen, a truly wonderful reading as always. You have a great way of making me feel assured about what is happening and maybe about to happen. The insights you give are so accurate. Thank you for the spiritual connection to Jean, that means so much to me. Regards Pam x (England)


Ayleen, thank you so much! Saw you a year ago and you were fantastic. I came back to, especially to see you again, and my reading was spot on and has really helped me emotionally and mentally. I would recommend you to anyone. Really warm and inspirational person! Thank you, Chantal xxx (England)


Ayleen, thank you so much. Amazing experience (spot-on). Really helped me know where I am and need to be. All my love Riah x (England)


Dear Ayleen, it was lovely to see you again. Thank you so much for a very accurate reading. You are a very kind and sympathetic reader. You give me very sound and constructive advice. As always, your predictions are spot on, the timing of everything was also very accurate from my last reading; it all happened exactly when you said. You are a very talented and gifted lady. Thank you again. Best Wishes. Janet x (England)


This is the second time I've met you, and you have made me smile both times. I am sure you are from now on the only person I'll ever come to. Thank you so much, Ayleen, you have made me smile. Holly (England)


Dear Ayleen, wonderful reading. You've given me lots to think about and confirmed what I already knew. You have a special gift and the ability to be caring and giving to people. All the best for your future. Karen (England)


Dear Ayleen, What an amazing reading. You have given me hope for the future, and I look forward to all the possibilities. Thank you. Carol (England)


I was very satisfied with the reading. Madeleine (England)


I'm now looking forward to my future. Thank you, Ayleen. Corinne (England)


Couldn't believe how accurate you were. I found it amazing. Thank you for a lovely reading. Katie (England)


Thought-provoking. Good reading. Theresa (England)


Fantastic reading. I know what direction I'm going in. Thank you so much. Sue (England)


Thank you Ayleen - a little guidance goes a long way! Reassuring and reconnecting. Dave (England)


Thank you, it has made things clearer. Margaret (England)


Wonderful! Very inspiring and useful. No nonsense! Mark (England)


Dearest Ayleen. You have given me food for thought. It was a pleasure meeting you, could talk to you for hours. Bless you, love Niki (England)


Dear Ayleen. This was my first reading, and I was so surprised. I feel that you know me so very well, even though we have never met before!  You are a very gifted and talented woman, and I thank you very much. Love Mandie (England)


Thanks for being honest with me. I needed to know and take your advice on board. Time is a healer. Love Angela (England)


Thank you for being you Ayleen. You are a wonderful person, and your words do come true. Lots of love to you always. Tracy & family (England)


Thank you, Ayleen. A truly accurate reading and lovely delivered. Sean (England)


An amazing reading.  Like you knew me and my life inside out.  You felt my sadness, and it meant so much to hear you recognise what I've been through. It's different when someone can actually see it and feel it.  I know you understand. With much gratitude, can't wait to see you again. Becky (England)


Thank you for a very good reading. Sonya (England)


To Ayleen, thank you for a really enlightening and reassuring comforting reading. (England)


Ayleen, thank you for my reading; it was a pleasure to meet you. Many thanks. Gemma (England)


Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. It was a very interesting experience. Many thanks. Jess (England)


OMG!!! Watch this space. Sue (England)


Ayleen, thank you so much for your clarity, sensitivity and patient knowing. God bless you a thousand-fold. Allison (England)


Thank you - this was a very interesting reading, and very accurate. It seemed like it was very personalised! Amy (England)



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