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30 Minute Psychic Reading
A 30-minute psychic video chat or audio reading is specifically for one individual who needs in-depth clarity into one or two areas of their life. It affords you enough time to ask about a couple of areas of your life in detail, e.g., relationship or work or health or children or finances, and so on. You'll get plenty of detail, and I'll cover as much ground possible in the time allowed.

Your reading will be online via WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, audio or video.


An experienced psychic should be able to work online, so it's not essential at all to meet in-person to receive accurate psychic information, or to cross over (mediumship).


You can also use a portion, or the full 30 minutes for Mediumship if you wish (cross over with your ancestors).

•Please ensure you're in a quiet area with a good WIFI range for the duration of your session.


Using headphones or earbuds is recommended to ensure a clear sound.

Pound  - £55
Euro - €63
USD - $70
South African residents please request pricing






Consultations are conducted after payment is received in advance without exception.



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Pay for a 30-minute psychic reading

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All correspondence is strictly confidential.
18+ only
Germany: +49 (0)176 3074 9176
Netherlands: +31(0)61 267 8347
South Africa: +27(0)84 771 5356
Email: ayleenspirit@gmail.com 


Social Media Contact
Skype - Ayleenspiritzone
Facebook page - Ayleenspirit
Instagram - Ayleenpsychicmedium
Twitter - Psychicayleen
LinkedIn - Ayleen Spirit Psychic Medium
Terms and conditions/disclaimer
All readings are for persons 18 or over.
Please be completely assured that I value your privacy and the confidential nature of your reading. Absolutely no personal information is given, sold, or shared with anyone.

By scheduling an appointment with me (Ayleen) you are agreeing and understand that Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant perceptions or insights and Spiritual Advice, is under no circumstance meant to replace medical, legal, psychological or other professional advice or services. I, (Ayleen) will not be held responsible for any actions or decisions you make about your life using your free will. Your consultation is subject to your interpretation, and I am not liable at all for any choices you make as a result of your consultation with me (Ayleen).

Member of N.A.P.P. (National Association of Professional Psychics)



Removes blockages from your spiritual path. Smoky Citrine clears beliefs and thought forms that keep you mired in poverty, opening the path to abundance. It aligns the earth chakra with the solar plexus chakra and assists in moving out the circumstances that is preventing financial expansion. 

Natural, Unpolished 

Size: 4.5cm x 6.5cm 

(The payment button is supported by PayPal and will convert to all major global currencies, and credit or debit cards)

(Excludes postage - Please email for an accurate costing to your country. ayleenspirit@gmail.com)

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